The Course

Are you thinking about adding a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD)? The lessons in this course are designed to help you determine if a LGD is a good fit for your farm and family. With sections on predator control techniques, the pros and cons of LGDs, and a risk analysis based on what you are already doing - this course will get you thinking.

  • Learn about different methods of predator control and determine how a LGD may fit in your plan for your farm

  • Built-in self-assessments to help you evaluate your unique situation

  • Downloadable PDF resources for topics like first aid

  • Dispel common myths about LGDs

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Welcome and Getting Started

  • 2

    Part 2: Getting it Right: Planning for Predator Protection

    • Self Assessment: Predator Pressure

    • Knowing the Risks: Predators

    • Knowing the Options: Predator Management Practices and Techniques

    • Types of Protection Check For Understanding

    • Predator Risk Self Assessment

    • Predator Self Assessment Download

    • Chapter Recap

    • Two Minute Reflection: Plans

  • 3

    Part 3: Is a LGD Right For Your Farm?

    • Making the Decision

    • Common LGD Breeds

    • Two Minute Reflection: Thinking About Breeds

    • Is a LGD Right For Me?

    • Chapter Recap

  • 4

    Part 4: Building Confidence with LGD Basics and Resources

    • Building Confidence - LGD Basics

    • Nutritional Considerations

    • Body Condition Scoring

    • Checking Vital Signs

    • First Aid Basics

    • Checklist: First Aid Supplies

    • Behavior and Training Considerations

    • Two Minute Reflection: Behavior and Training

    • Common Dog Myths

    • Chapter Recap

  • 5

    Bonus Section: Common Questions

    • Common Questions

    • Chapter Recap

    • Two Minute Reflection: What Have I Learned?

    • Self Assessment: Confidence Level

Bonus material

This course will walk you through four considerations and three simple steps for creating a Predator Protection Plan, even if you choose not to use LGDs.... PLUS:

  • You'll have unlimited access to materials and updates - use it when you need it.

  • LGD First Aid Kit Checklist

  • Predator Risk Assessment Worksheet


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